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About Husseini Energy

Founded in 2005, Husseini Energy is the highly specialized boutique oil and gas consulting firm of Dr Sadad Ibrahim Al-Husseini. With in-depth experience spanning over 35 years, Dr. Sadad Al-Husseini, a retired executive vice president of exploration and development in Aramco, has been at the helm of Saudi Arabia’s largest oil and gas discoveries and developments.

Referred to by the New York Times as “one of the most respected and accomplished oilmen in the world” and by the Wall Street Journal as “one of Saudi Arabia’s most powerful oilmen” many argue that his knowledge and expertise in the industry is unrivaled.


Dr. Sadad I. Al-Husseini
Dr. Sadad I. Al-Husseini owner and founder of Husseini Energy Co.

Dr. Sadad I. Al-Husseini joined Aramco in 1972 and was instrumental in the discovery of over 20 oil and gas fields as Executive Vice President of Aramco’s upstream operations. He was also a special representative of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in its natural gas negotiations from 2000 to 2002.

He was a member of the Saudi Aramco management committee from 1986 until his retirement in 2004. He was elected a member of Aramco’s board in 1996. He was also a member of the Consolidated Saudi Electric Company board during 2000-2003 as well as holding other board positions in joint ventures and subsidies of Saudi Aramco.

Dr.Al-Husseini obtained his MS in 1970 and PHD in geological sciences in 1973 from Brown University. He is a distinguished graduate of Brown University.

Dr.Sadad Al-Husseini is an honorary member of the American Institute of Metallurgical, Mining and Petroleum Engineers as well as the Society of Petroleum Engineers for which he served as director. He is Senior Energy Advisor at the King Faisal Foundation. He is a recipient of the King AbdulAziz Medal of Honor in the First Degree.